About Us

About Us

ITforDev accelerates the velocity and quality of software development.

We help your development team realize their full potential by providing management, coaching and skilled developers on a temporary basis

With an average of 25 years’ experience in developing and leading software teams, our people can handle both challenging teams, and challenging software. We lead through consulting, coaching, teaching, mentoring and development services.

Our team specializes in Agile methodologies and object oriented programming. We focus on effectively applying new and innovative techniques to your environment    Over the last 5 years we’ve helped many companies transition to new technologies and methodologies.

We also practice what we preach by applying the same approaches to our own software.

  • Ogmatic is a standalone application that creates schematic drawings for Oil and Gas Producers using data stored in their existing accounting and field systems.k
  • Caltrack is cloud application that captures, evaluates and reports on Meter Calibration activity for Oil and Gas Producers.k