Technical Leaders

Technical Leaders

Ted O’Grady

Technical Leadership Coach and Mentor

Ted is a leadership coach and mentor with ITForDev. He has proven experience implementing Agile methodologies in a variety of companies using a variety of domains. Ted combines practice with mentoring in Agile methods, test driven development, test automation, incremental architecture, patterns of software design, domain driven design, and object oriented implementations. Hands on experience with Java, C#.Net, Ruby, C, and Smalltalk give Ted the base to work closely with team leads and developers. Teds experience in facilitating communication assist teams in running retrospectives, planning sessions and developing team communication. Ted lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Ted has developed software for over 30 years. He has coached managers, leads, and developers in Agile development at various companies including Hatsize, CGI, Clearstream, Presslogic, EFA Software, Teamwave, and Rightsmarket.

Joseph King

Technical Leadership Coach and Mentor

Joseph is a leadership coach and mentor with ITForDev. He has proven experience in helping development teams improve. Joseph has proven experience in implementing Agile and XP for many technologies including Java, C#.NET, and Ruby. Joseph has extensive experience with test driven development, patterns of software design, architecture, object oriented implementation, and test automation. Joseph is highly skilled at distilling and communicating goals and objectives both to upper management and development, ensuring that companies become aligned in their objectives.

Joseph has developed software for over 25 years. He has coached managers, leads and developers in Agile development at various companies including Evoco, Accruent, 3ESI, CGI, EFA Software, Cataylst Realtime, and TransCanada Pipelines.

Colin Jones

Senior Architect and Development Manager

Colin Jones is a highly experienced and sought after architect and development manager. Colin helps companies understand the technical choices they are making and the impacts they will have on current and future development. Colin is an expert in Agile methodologies, software design patterns, domain driven design and object oriented principles. In addition to his knowledge in building software architectures, Colin has expertise in Test Automation, test driven development, and quality practices. Colin is particularly adept at simplifying complicated technical issues and presenting them to management in understandable form. Colin lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Colin has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing software. Colin has architected and managed highly successful Agile projects for Evoco, Accruent, CGI, and Burntsand.

Michael Kurtz


Mike has successfully managed technology companies for over 30 years. He has spent the past 20 years in Calgary working with O&G clients. His roles have included Vice President, Calgary Region for CGI, Calgary Branch Manager for IBM, President for Zentra Technologies and Vice President of Sales for Intergraph Computer Systems in North America.

Mike has a consistent track record of delivering growth and profitability to the companies he has worked for. His approach is to identify and develop win/win solutions for clients and team members. This sounds easy but it’s not. Mike has extensive experience in identifying the solutions that deliver the highest client value and then communicating that value to the various client stakeholders. He is also has industry contacts and experience to recruit the high performance team necessary to scale a business.